You have a chance to select our best games to let us know in what direction we should continue to develop games.

29 June 2015

Our site was fully redesigned. Now it's faster and more user friendly. You can access needed pages quickly and easily. Also community site will be finished soon. Stay with us!

25 June 2015

You can download our new game for free on the app store!

19 July 2014
We have some technical news for you. We shut down our community website and erased all your data and forum topics. will be in development couple of weeks, we want to make it easy to integrate community resources with our future games. Also don't try to login or registrate on our main site (, all your accounts were deleted on this site, from now will be only for news and games. So stay forward to hear some news about our sites.
17 April 2014

We are happy to announce Sky Snipper III on iOS. Now you can download it for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

1 April 2014

Our newest game called NOWAY_ is here. Try to beat all levels or play those you liked.

13 February 2014

Sky Snipper III is now live on IndieCity Online Store. You can now download it via it's client and play. Enjoy!


7 January 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Wait for more cool games.

Please Stand by.

28 December 2013

From now on our 2 iOS games - Sky Snipper and Cool Man are free.

Download them now for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.


20 October 2013

Sky Snipper III is out. You can download it on It's absolutely free.

24 September 2013

The whole new community website was opened. There will be news about multiplayer events and more. Also enjoy chatting on out forum. Link:

15 September 2013

14 September 2013

Wait for more news about Sky Snipper III.

14 September 2013

Sky Snipper III is almost finished. We ready to release it about in a week. So wait for more news about Sky Snipper III. You can downlaod some ship images on

3 September 2013

EPICMAN is a new game by Great Devs. You can make own levels or play pre-made ones. Download it for free. Link:

23 July 2013

The new game is here. It is a simple 2D endless runner, powered by GDGE2D. You can play it in your browser. More at Game link:

7 June 2013

We have a forum again. Now, there're special topics where you can post your games, videos, art and more (only links, not files). Here's our forum: Hope you'll find it interesting and you'll enjoy it.

23 May 2013

Good news for everyone. We've moved on a new server, which located in Texas, USA. Now the site will be faster. There won't be any lags, bugs or errors. Wait for more news soon...

17 May 2013

Sky Snipper Space War is a new game by GD. This game is powered by Flash, so you can play it on all top OS. Here is it's official page:

11 May 2013

We've opened a warehouse. From now you can buy different clothes there with GD's sings. Here is the link: Hope you'll engoy it.

6 May 2013

All new support system was opened, now you can get a really good support by Great Devs at support page.

5 May 2013

Site is done. Now you can get help about your problem at support page. We're always ready to help you. Wait for more news very soon

5 May 2013

The site was relaunched because of some errors, now it's working again.

4 May 2013
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